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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 5AM  CBS  August 29, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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linda marie macdonald. irene moves on but the damage is left on the east coast. the death toll, flooding concerns and the shocking price tag. >> the new bay bridge taking shape. the final piece of the buzz reconcile expected today. why construction is actually now ahead of schedule. starting out gray plenty of blue skies and sunshine, by the afternoon warm to hot temperatures more coming up. it is monday. time to get up. august 29. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm grace lee. we start off with news of irene. it may no longer be a hurricane but right now it is dumping a lot of rain on parts of eastern canada. >> there are reports of flooding and power outages in quebec and eastern united states. it could take weeks for some areas to recover from that massive storm. at least 21 deaths here in the united states blamed on irene, mostly the result of falling trees and limbs. most of the problems are actually inland where there's widespread flooding in places like vermont which took a big
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hit. upstate new york, as well. estimated five million homes and businesses are without power at one point during the storm. thousands could be in the dark for days or longer. >> susan mcginnis joins us live from long beach on long island. so what's the latest? how are things out there right now? >> reporter: good morning, frank and grace. here's the latest. long island and a lot of the east coast waking up to a very beautiful day. the sun is out, sky is clear, the ocean is call. people are out. they're out talking to one another. they are out getting their morning exercise, this is after quite a pounding that this area took. the other thing that they are waking up to though is certainly quite a mess that going to take quite a while to clean up. >> how about new yorkers? how are they handling this? this is a little new. you get your fair amount of rain there, but nothing like this. >> reporter: i'm sorry, i'm not
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hearing you but let me just tell you that new yorkers are facing a rough day today even though, you know, they are very relieved that the damage wasn't as bad as it could have been. this is long island so long island railroad is very limited service. trains, buses, subways for new yorkers are slowly getting back up to speed so that's a real hassle for people facing not just clean-up but also the workweek. so that's just a couple of things people are grappling with. millions are without power. we have downed power lines and trees blocking road so it's a travel nightmare. it's a clean-up nightmare but again the word from new yorkers, very few complaints about the overpreparedness people are talking about that. mayor bloomberg defending his position and the plans they made. >> better to be overprepared.
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thank you, susan. air travel is starting to return to normal on the east coast. here in the bay area, san francisco international airport reports nearly 30 cancellations today, five departures and 24 arrivals. more than 40 flights at sfo were cancelled yesterday because of the hurricane. there were also cancellation at oakland and san jose airports, as well. in the meantime we have lawrence right here tracking where irene is now. >> the storm has made its way out of the u.s. just north of maine as it makes its way into canada. at the same time it is falling apart no longer a hurricane or tropical storm. it's just going north. causing damage with heavy rainfall but things settling down and, of course, nice and calm here just the way we like it at this time of year. we do have some patchy fog out there this
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morning. this afternoon hot in the tri- valley. 90 in concord. 83 sun this afternoon in san jose. 68 in san francisco. let's talk to gianna about traffic. >> we have an accident out there in san francisco. if you are working your way northbound 280 near alemany boulevard, a couple of cars tangled up. one of them went down the embankment, the other fled the scene. two right lanes are closed while chp and tow crews retrieve the vehicle that went over the side. we are seeing delays at the scene, give yourself some extra time. hopefully it will wrap up shortly. mass transit on time. bart no delays. bart, ace, muni and caltrain all on time. bay bridge clear across the upper deck into san francisco. the earlier wind advisory for
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the san mateo bridge is lifted. back to you. coming in from china today the final pieces for the big bay bridge project. kristy seifkin is on treasure island to explain. reporter: now that the final four pieces of steel are arriving it's sinking in that this new bridge will be a reality soon. those final four pieces will be put together to create actually the deck that the motorist will drive on and that's comprised of 5,000 tons of steel. so as you can magical transconsiders this to be a pretty precious cargo delivery. >> these elements of the bridge have been fabricated in shanghai china by zpmc. we have been fabricating over there for the last four years. >> reporter: now, once those sections of the deck arrive, all of the elements that are needed to finish the bridge will be here in san francisco. in fact, in the next few weeks
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crews will start lifting up the bridge cables and putting those into place. if everything goes according to plan with today's delivery construction will be six months ahead of the most recent construction schedule. and what that means is that the new bridge will be ready in time for america's cup races that are in september 2013. but you don't have to wait until september to get an impressive view of the bridge. tonight caltrans at 7:45 is going to switch on those lights on the catwalk at the bridge and if you are here at treasure island and where we are right now you can actually get an impressive view of that orange glow. as we advised people earlier, eyes on the road if you are going to be driving but should get a gorgeous view of the new project this evening. back to you. >> hard not to watch. such an amazing project to see something so massive going up. >> reporter: it's unbelievable. i was hoping the lights might be flipped on earlier to see it. but have to wait until tonight, 7:45. >> thank you, kristy seifkin on
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treasure island. there is a $15,000 reward to catch the killers in oakland's latest murder. a 39-year-old father was gunned down in front of his 6-year-old son. the boy was not hurt in the shooting at international boulevard and 103rd avenue. this happened during an apparent robbery shortly after noon yesterday. what's still not clear is whether the killer stole anything from the victim, jose esparza. 5:07. the suspect in another murder on international boulevard scheduled to enter a plea today. 26-year-old lawrence dennard under arrest for the killing of 3-year-old carlos nava earlier this month. denard accused of attempted murder because two other people were shot. police think those men were the intended targets. coming up, a former mayor gunned down near the northern california coast. >> what the suspect may have been trying to protect. >> if you are getting ready to use bart tonight, be prepared. another protest planned in san francisco. how muni is being affected plus
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a counter protest also in the works. the details coming up. plus, a new crackdown on a dangerous drug fad. the push to ban bath salts at the state capital, when we come back. ,,,, ♪ ♪ mm-mmm-mmm-mm-mm-mmm ♪ mm-mmm-mmm-mm-mm-mmm ♪ ♪ mm-mmm-mmm-mm-mm-mmm ♪ mm-mmm-mmm-mm-mm-mmm
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it's monday and now what that means. >> protest time. >> it is. another protest planned against bart tonight in san francisco during the evening commute. >> that means a lot of inconvenience for those transit riders. stephanie chuang is at the civic center station to tell us about the protest and counterprotest that will affect a lot of people. good morning, stephanie. >> reporter: good morning. another demonstration planned for the civic center bart station. this is the third monday in a row that it's happening. new details of protestors
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saying we are going to focus around the main entrance here at bart station and not going underground. so as not to give police a reason to shut down the station. but this activity has been affecting more than just bart. it's affecting muni which says it has lost quite a bet of money just for last -- quite a bit of money just for last monday alone. the demonstrations cost $70,000. a spokesman says the railway system had to get muni riders around the bart stations and trouble spots that were shut down, which of course takes more equipment and more people. >> bart when they close a station, we have to bypass that station because we're not letting in passengers. we are not letting out passengers. so we have to bypass the station. >> reporter: people have been protesting over the bart police shooting of 45-year-old charles hill in july and bart's subsequent shutdown of cell phone service during one of those protests. in response, police have been temporarily shutting down certain downtown san francisco bart stations arresting dozens
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of protestors and, of course, all that activity has disrupted bart service. now, we have also learned this morning that there's a new group on facebook called, bart commuters -- or commuters take back bart, i should say, planning a counterprotest tonight at 5:00 when the actual protests, the main protests are happening. we don't know how many people are going to show up for that. about 145 people "like" that facebook page but that doesn't indicate how many people will show up. folks are going to have to be prepared for a lot more activity again tonight. back to you. >> i know it's early, but are any of the commuters kind of trickling in saying here we go again kind of thing or -- they have to be tired of this i would think. >> reporter: well, you know, we have heard before that they are getting a little frustrated. we'll hear from somebody actually later on in the show but you it is too early. we haven't seen anybody coming into the bart stations yet for the service. if that starts happening we'll let you know what they have to say, frank. >> very good. stephanie chuang in san
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francisco, thank you. it would be illegal to sell a hallucinogen known as bath salt under a bill considered by a nature is senate. it contains a synthetic drug that causes paranoia or violent behavior. the state assembly has already passed the ban so if two-thirds of lawmakers approve it, it could go into effect immediately if signed by governor brown. making the prop 8 debate public, the latest showdown in court today coming up. >> stepping up security in raider nation. how fans reacted to changes in security this weekend. starting out with low clouds and fog in the bay area, by the the afternoon lots of sunshine, some places up into the 90s, cooler weather on tap. we'll talk about that coming up. ,,,,,,
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hurricane irene has left the eastern u-s and isn't ev in the headlines on this monday, hurricane irene the big story has left the eastern united states and isn't even a hurricane anymore as it moves to canada. 21 people were killed. it's in eastern canada. 5,000 tons of steel arriving in china today to
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complete the bay bridge project and tonight, new lighting on the construction catwalk will be turned on for the first time lighting up the bay. >> and the fire near yosemite national park continues to grow. the motor fire has spread to more than 4700 acres, only 35% contained. fire crews hope to contain it sometime by next week. it's that time of year, worrying about the fires but right now it's very cool out along the coastline. we have the patchy fog again this morning. temperatures running in the 50s and the 60s. it is going to break up nicely by the afternoon, sunshine even a little hot in spots. mid-90s in some place inland. 60s at the coast, comfortable numbers in the 60s and 70s. so patchy fog out toward the coast this morning. but it looks like it's going to break up and at the afternoon, sunshine at the coast bringing seasonal weather for most of us around the bay area and some sunshine around the bay area,
5:18 am
as well. patchy fog at the beaches. very comfortable numbers. going to be hot in the val centrally, 102 degrees in fresno, in the central valley. 97 sacramento. 82 lake tahoe, 97 yosemite. 64 monterey bay. around our bay we'll keep things sunny and bright toward the afternoon. 82 santa clara. 78 san mateo. 68 half moon bay. east bay temperatures should be hot in spots. 94 brentwood and livermore. about 39 degrees in pleasanton. and 91 degrees in pleasant hill. as you get inside the bay 60s and 70s in toward oakland. plenty of sunshine there by the afternoon. and the north bay also looking very nice the latter part of the day 81 in san rafael, 88 in novato, 84 napa. today the hottest day of the week for a bit as we'll see high pressure weakening more low clouds and fog over the
5:19 am
next couple of days, temperatures bottoming out about the middle of the week. then high pressure builds back in and looks like more warm temperatures as we head in toward next weekend. let's check the roads with gianna. >> accident northbound 280, vehicle over the embankment. crews cleaning it out of the road. we are seeing a backup, traffic sluggish as you work your way there northbound 280 right at alemany so give yourself some extra time. 101 is probably the best bet. new accident to report westbound 580 at grant line with injuries. 3 to 4 vehicles involved, in the center divide. you can see some yellow on the sensors so traffic is already starting to build. another accident reported westbound 580 near the truck scales. that's out of lanes. metering lights off at the bay bridge toll plaza. north of golden gate bridge approaching the waldo tunnel first reports of an accident on the side of the road but about
5:20 am
3 to 4 vehicles involved in this wreck so that may cause a bit of a slowdown approaching the scene. mass transit a nice ride right now. bart, ace, muni and caltrain problem-free. no delays at 880/237. san jose near trimble so far, so good. very light. that's a look at traffic. back to you guys. >> thank you. mendocino county sheriff's deputies are searching for a man suspected of shooting and killing a city councilman. jere melo a former mayor of fort bragg was killed saturday morning on timber company land near the historic skunk train. he worked for the timber company and investigators say he accidentally stumbled upon a marijuana grow site. the sheriff's department has identified the suspect as aaron basilar a transient in his mid- 30s a long history with run-ins in law enforcement.
5:21 am
an appeal has been filed for shane bauer and josh fattal. they were sentenced to eight years prison for espionage and illegally entering the company. the pair was arrested two years ago hiking on the border with iraq. today a federal courtroom in san francisco will be the site of a hearing on whether videotapes of last january's prop 8 trial should be made public. the three-week trial resulted in a federal judge ruling that the ban on same-sex marriage in california is unconstitutional. now attorneys who won the case want the videotapes released. today's hearing will not be taped. cracking down on stadium violence. how the raiders and the 49ers fans responded to all the big changes over the weekend. >> plus, from reporters to animals, going to take a look at some of the victims caught in irene's wrath. ♪
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to ride cross- country... to mark ten years since the september 11th terror attacks. the "ride with t some bay area motorcycle enthusiasts plan to ride cross- country to mark 10 years since the september 11th terror attacks. the ride with the 40 event will specifically honor the 40 passengers that died on the united airlines flight 93 which was to go from newark, new jersey to san francisco. the ride begins this morning near the san francisco airport scheduled to end september 11th
5:25 am
near shanksville, pennsylvania. no major problems at the oakland coliseum where the raiders hosted the saints. both the raiders and 49ers promised to step up security in the wake of last weekend's battle of the bay at candlestick. there was a visible law enforcement presence. >> we have problems from time to time, but the response by the police and we have ushers in every section and we even have a system to where if there is a problem, all you have to do is text. and security will be there instantly. >> raiders fans also say that the so-called aggressive and violent behavior of the raider nation is exaggerated and they blame the violence on nonregulars as well as excessive alcohol. >> got to get them some wins. wall street weathered irene without many problems. both the new york stock exchange and the nasdaq were
5:26 am
not damaged. they will open for the new week in an hour. they are coming off their first winning week in a month. dow added 4% last week. the nasdaq gained 60 points. this is -- we all feel this girl's pain. for all the damage left by hurricane irene, there were some lighter moments in the coverage of the storm. watch this report. irene >> always save the mic, that's rule number one when you're a reporter. >> this is asbury park early saturday morning as irene was coming ashore. she was caught by surprise in that storm surge. she wasn't the only one. there are other reporters caught, too. and then there was this little guy wondering what hit him. this is in belimar, new jersey. what is that? that is a rain soaked and waterlogged possum. >> i thought it was an
5:27 am
alligator at first. he has a tape. >> gingerly splashing around apparently looking for higher ground. hopefully he found it at some point. >> you think? he is like what is going on! >> what is going on with this thing, irene. >> all right. >> he didn't play dead. 5:26. chocolate is healthier than previously thought. the one string attached to its benefits, coming up. irene's three-day run is other. the shocking estimate of how much damage it caused. >> the final four pieces of the new bay bridge project arrive from china today and tonight, caltrans will give you a view of the new bridge you have never seen before. the details on these benchmarks and the construction timeline coming up. if you're planning on using bart tonight, be prepared for delays. another protest scheduled for downtown san francisco along with a counterprotest. how all this activity is affecting muni. stay with us.
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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. >> it's grace lee's favorite day of the week. >> monday, of course it is. it's everyone's favorite day of the week. >> august 29th, kicking your week off. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm grace lee. friday is probably the best day
5:31 am
of the week. >> we're going to lie. >> got to, to get out of bed, right, lawrence. >> good to see you again. haven't seen you for a bit. but today we are starting out with, guess what, some fog. big surprise there, huh? 50s and 60s around the bay area. by the afternoon we'll see lots of sunshine coming up. more on that in a moment. right now let's check the roads with gianna. >> thank you, lawrence. we have troubles if you work your way toward the golden gate bridge. an accident and a tree in the roadway may slow you down right around the waldo tunnel. details coming up plus the bay bridge. right now, back to you. >> thank you. 5:31 now. this morning the remains of hurricane irene are over eastern canada causing flooding and power outages in quebec. >> in the u.s. it could take weeks for the east coast to recover from this massive storm. at least 21 deaths are blamed on hurricane irene. airlines cancelled 9,000 flights. all major airports are back in operation this morning. susan mcginnis has more on the mess irene has left behind.
5:32 am
reporter: torrential rains from irene sent water gushing through the town of windham in upstate new york as homes quickly became inundated. emergency crews raced to rescue residents. >> we all of a sudden got all this water. >> reporter: while irene swept through the northeast over the weekend as a tropical storm, it still packed a punch. floodwaters swallowed parts of vermont and in hard hit new jersey, residents in town use cad news to get around. >> been here 7 years, we have had four floods and this is the worst it's ever been. >> reporter: parts of lower manhattan also saw some flooding but the damage wasn't as bad as many were expecting. the city's subway system and area airports will slowly begin returning to normal today although commuters and travelers should expect delays. here in long beach, residents and businesses are relieved the damage from irene wasn't worse. still, the clean-up and repairs will take time. up and down the east coast
5:33 am
today, utility crews will be out in full force trying to restore power. but with more than 4 million people left in the dark it could take weeks. >> definitely i'd say the power is bad because it's been two days since i have had a shower. >> reporter: in north carolina where the storms first slammed ashore residents have their work cut out for them. >> we have a lot of clean-up to do. >> reporter: it's not clear how much it will cost to take care of irene's mess. one estimate puts the price at $7 billion. susan mcginnis for cbs news, long beach, new york. >> it may be better but irene is still causing air traffic troubles. we checked with sfo this morning. five departing flights and 24 arrivals are cancelled. 41 were cancelled yesterday. there are also a few cancellations at oakland and mineta san jose international airports. so you should definitely check with your airline if you have flight plans today. some final pieces are due to arrive today for the bay bridge construction project. kristy seifkin is on treasure island with the two big
5:34 am
milestones happening today. she is watching it all in the cat bird seat. >> reporter: good morning. we have been watching this construction for months and now that the final four pieces are arriving today it's really sinking in that this new bay bridge will be a reality pretty soon. those four pieces which are arriving from china today will make up the deck that motorists will drive on. it's taken four years to make the seconds. caltrans is treating this as a precious cargo delivery. >> in total these final four sections with all the hardware and cross beams we have almost 5,000 tons of steel that's going to be going up over the next couple of months. >> reporter: once those sections arrive, all the elements needed to complete the bridge will be here in san francisco. in fact, over the next few weeks, crews will start putting up the cable on the bridge. and if everything goes according to plan, with today's delivery, we will actually be six months ahead of construction schedule for the new bridge and that means that
5:35 am
the bridge would be ready by the america's cup race in september of 2013. but the good news for those of you who want to get an earlier peek at the bridge is that caltrans will flip on the lights of the catwalk on the bridge tonight at 7:45. if you come to treasure island and stand at the edge of the water you can get a pretty impressive view of an orange glow coming from the bridge. back to you. >> couldn't get them to flip the switch early this morning for all our viewers out there? >> i tried. believe me. i would have loved to have gotten the first glimpse but we have to hang in there until later. >> all that clout, come on. go work it, kristy. [ laughter ] >> very good. kristy seifkin live on treasure island, thank you. >> work the catwalk. >> hey, why not? time to check in with lawrence to see, hey, fog? could it be? >> could it be? what a surprise, huh? hey, folks. if you are just getting up, we have fog again and what a summer of fog it's been and it continues today. it will break up earlier i think at the coastline even
5:36 am
sneaking in a little sunshine. temperatures will pop around the bay area a bit today. should be a few degrees warmer in concord and 90. 86 in santa rosa about the same in san jose and still sunny and about 68 degrees in san francisco. all told, a very nice afternoon around the bay area. it is traffic time with gianna. >> thank you, lawrence. better news to report. we had an accident come out of the waldo tunnel where a vehicle hit a tree. it was blocking the two right lanes. still slow there seeing some yellow but overall it's cleared to the right shoulder so mostly spectator slowing. traffic looking good once you hit the golden gate bridge and work your way into san francisco. elsewhere this other accident we have been monitoring in san francisco northern 280 at alemany that's also been cleared out of the road. they retrieved a vehicle that went 30 feet down the embankment but sluggish in both directions so give yourself some extra time out the door working your way on 280. altamont pass seeing some slight delays an accident on 580. we'll have more on that coming up. right now back to you guys.
5:37 am
service disruptions are likely tonight at several bart stations here in san francisco. that's because protestors planned to gather once again. stephanie chuang is at the civic center station to tell us how the protest and the counterprotests are probably going to affect muni riders, as well. good morning. >> reporter: we are expecting a lot of people protestors and, of course, police yet again mere at the civic center bart station because for the third monday in a row protestors plan to sound off their message right here and in fact we are learning of new plans of a counterprotest in response also planned for tonight. now, all this activity, the impact is being felt beyond bart actually. muni says it is also hurting its service. in fact, for the demonstration on monday, last monday alone, muni says it had to shell out $70,000 to get people around those problem areas which takes extra equipment and extra people. regular commuters we spoke with say their patience with these
5:38 am
protests is wearing thin. >> i'm an open source guy so i completely understand the idea behind it and the movement they're after. but i question the motives sometimes if it isn't more for publicity in their sake versus the actual issue. >> reporter: the issue for protestors is the bart police shooting of 45-year-old charles hill in july and bart's shutdown of cell phone service during one of those protests. in response, police have been temporarily shutting down certain downtown san francisco bart stations. they have been arresting dozens of protestors and disrupting bart service. we have learned this morning that protestors have a new guideline in place. they want their people to be around that main entrance there and avoid going on the stairs, avoid going underground so as not to give police a reason to shut down these bart stations. and in the meantime, we have learned of a counterprotest, new group on facebook called commuters take back bart is scheduling a counterprotest also at 5:00 tonight.
5:39 am
grace, we're expecting more people to be here at the civic center bart station. we'll have to see what happens. >> we just have to see. it seems counterproductive that they would have a counter protest because they don't like the pro protestors who are there. >> reporter: you bring up a good point. people on facebook made some remarks saying we understand you want counterprotests but make sure you don't make it more unsafe. of course, that's one of the reasons why police shut down these bart stations in the first place so people making those statements, okay, have your message out here, but please, be careful because safety does come first, grace. >> all right. stephanie chuang in san francisco with the latest, thank you. a father gunned down in front of a 6-year-old son in oakland has a lot of people trying to help out. 39-year-old jose esparza was shot to death on international boulevard at 103rd avenue. this was shortly after noon yesterday. he was shot when two men tried to rob him outside a store. his son wasn't hurt and the "contra costa times" now
5:40 am
reports that a $15,000 reward has been offered to help catch those killers. it is 5:39. it could take days, even months, before an appeals ruling is made for those two cal grads jailed in iran. the lawyer for shane bauer and josh fattal filed an appeal during the weekend. early this month they were sentenced to eight years in prison for spying and illegally entering the country. they were arrested two years ago while hiking along the border with iraq. 5:40 now. if you eat chocolate, take note because we have some semi-sweet news about how much you can eat. and his school is in financial trouble. so he is taking big action. the drastic measure for one california superintendent and his salary reduction. coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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good morning, bay area. we are starting out with patchy, dense fog spreading into the bay, visibility a quarter mile in santa rosa. 50s and 60s now, this afternoon, plenty of the summer sunshine in the valleys making for a warm-to-hot day in some spots. mid-90s in the hottest areas. 60s and 70s inside the bay. mostly sunny into the afternoon. and out at the coast maybe a little more sunshine there today. temperatures mainly into the 60s. looking for more low clouds and fog this morning spreading onshore. looks like we'll see an increase in that the next couple of days. temperatures will take a nosedive after today. but today a comfortable day.
5:44 am
102 in fresno, though, 92 yosemite, 97 ukiah, 100 redding. around the bay temperatures in the 80s in the south bay. 82 santa clara, 82 milpitas, 92 morgan hill. sunny and 81 in los altos and 68 degrees with a couple of patches of fog and sunshine into half moon bay. 90s in the valleys inland, high 94 brentwood and livermore, 93 pleasanton. 74 in hayward and sunny by the afternoon 69 comfortable in berkeley. 60s at the coast. next couple of days more low clouds and fog going to surge onshore. that's going to help to cool down the temperatures through the middle of the week. and then after that, high pressure builds in. looks like we'll watch those temperatures warming up very nicely toward next weekend. it's traffic time. for that we head to gianna. >> thank you. we head to the altamont pass now. westbound 580 at grant line. we have an accident involving about 3 vehicles. it is over to the center divide but there may be some debris in the left lane and we are seeing
5:45 am
some slow and go speeds here. you can see yellow and red on sensors so sluggish through there. once you pass there traffic not too bad. much better news towards the golden gate bridge this morning out of marin county. we have an earlier accident where a vehicle and tree tangled up. it was blocking one lane there. much better speeds now. just some slight delays approaching the scene. everything is now pushed to the right shoulder. still some activity there but again no lanes blocked. once you hit the bridges south not too bad. traffic very light this monday morning. elsewhere daly city looking good, as well. we have this earlier accident northbound 280 right at alemany. that's cleared out of lanes. we have one chp unit on scene on the right side of the road. mass transit great choice right now. bart all 43 trains on time. ace train number one and three on time. muni, caltrain problem-free. toward the bay bridge we are seeing a slight backup there, mostly in the cash lanes.
5:46 am
but the metering lights are off. no troubles up the incline, clear into san francisco, not bad into oakland. south bay looking good. live look at 880/237, as you head through milpitis no delays. traffic easy through there. 280 through san jose, traffic good, as well. here's 101. no delays. back to you. in the headlines, the former hurricane irene has left the eastern u.s. but millions there are still dealing with power outages, flooding and damage. at least 21 people were killed in the u.s. the storm is currently dumping rain on eastern canada. the man charged with killing a 3-year-old in oakland three weeks ago is scheduled to enter a plea today. 26-year-old lawrence denard is under arrest for the murder of carlos nava that happened on international boulevard. another milestone today for the bay bridge project. the final shipment of steel for the road deck is scheduled to
5:47 am
arrive from china and tonight, lighting on that new section will be turned on for the first time around 7:45. it is 5:46 now. a hearing in the u.s. court in san francisco today on whether videotapes of last january's prop 8 trial should be made public. the three-week trial resulted in a federal judge ruling that the ban on same-sex marriage in california is unconstitutional. now the attorneys who won the case want those videotapes released. but today's hearing will not be taped. a bay area group plans a cross-country motorcycle trip to mark 10 years since the september 11th terror attacks. the ride will honor the 40 passengers that were killed on united airlines flight 93 going from newark to new jersey to san francisco. it begins this morning near the san francisco airport scheduled to end september 11th near shanksville, pennsylvania, in the field where that hijacked plane went down. there were no major problems at the oakland coliseum where the raiders
5:48 am
hosted the saints. both the raiders and the 49ers promised to step up security in the wake of the violence at last weekend's battle of the bay at candlestick. there was a visible law enforcement presence yesterday but fans say what happened last weekend isn't typical at either stadium. and they believe security is adequate. >> you know, we have problems here from time to time. but the response by police and we have ushers in every section and we have a system where if there is a problem, all you have to do is text and security will be there instantly. >> raiders fans say the so- called aggressive and violent behavior of the "raider nation" is exaggerated and they blame the violence on non-regular fans as well as excessive alcohol. now some are raising questions about the alcohol consumption on caltrain when sports fans head to at&t park. some 5,000 baseball fans ride caltrain to and from games n documents supplied to the examiner, there have been 64
5:49 am
incidents of rowdiness or violence this year. and just 18 arrests. caltrain is the only transit agency that allows drinking in cars although it is banned after 9 p.m. and while police ride the trains before the games, none ride after. the state senate today will consider a ban on sales of a hallucinogen known as bath salts. the substance contains a synthetic drug that experts say causes paranoia and violent behavior whe en jessed. it would carry' maximum punishment of six months in jail and $1,000 fine. if lawmakers approve an emergency clause that ban could go into effect immediately if signed by the governor. so are you a chocolate lover? >> you know, i like chocolate. you know, most people do. you like it? >> i do. we got good news if you like chocolate. >> it could actually help you stay healthy. researchers at britain have found that eating chocolate can reduce your risk of heart disease and stroke by a third. still a catch though.
5:50 am
it's important to consume it in moderation because it has high levels of fat and sugar. >> always in moderation. irene came and went. coming up, how she will not affect wall street. >> it was ladies night at the m it video music awards. the surprise announcement before the show started. either i can't get to sleep, or i can't stay asleep. [ male announcer ] unisom helps you fall asleep faster and stay asleep. so i wake up rested. [ male announcer ] unisom. i was using cascade actionpacs. they just didn't have that brilliant shine. when i took the finish challenge, i could tell there was a difference. my dishes had a shine on them. i'm moving on to finish quantum. take the finish challenge for yourself. if you don't see a difference, it's free.
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stock futures suggest 5:52. wall street is ready to go as scheduled this morning. stock futures suggest a higher opening today. both the new york stock exchange and nasdaq survived irene and will open in 40 minutes. they are coming off the first winning week in a month. california superintendent is taking more than $200,000 off his paycheck to help with school funding. fresno county superintendent larry powell currently makes $290,000 a year. with this new deal his salary will be slashed to about $32,000. >> public and my employees won't notice any change at all. i'll be here doing the same job but i'll just be doing it for a few dollars less. >> the restructured deal is good through 2014. it allows powell to have a final say on how the extra funds will be used in his district. he says the money could be spent on preschool programs or
5:54 am
art programs or both which have been cut or face the chopping block. imagine he's kind of a popular guy in that community. >> oh, yeah. you think so? >> absolutely. hollywood buzzing about the mtv music awards. the night was dominated by the ladies including one who took home top honors. >> the video of the year goes to katie perry. >> whoo! [ applause and cheers ] >> the original cheesehead. katie perry. she won three awards last night in l.a. the other two included best special effects. best collaboration. and, of course, best hat. [ laughter ] >> apparently that's a dubai see sign she is wearing. i looked it up. other winners:
5:55 am
by the way, beyonce stole the night announcing that she and her husband jay-z are expecting a baby. the singer showed off the baby bump. there it is right there at the end of the performance last night. she took off her jacket, rubbed her belly and the audience cheered for the celebrity couple. she let the cat out of the bag on the red carpet on the way n jay-z is a happy man. good for them. >> she rocked it, too, apparently. >> lawrence could rock that square thing. the yellow square thing? >> what is that again? >> i don't know what that is. >> i'm not rocking much at all on a and morning. i'm just glad to be awake on a monday morning. fog in the bay area is thick as you as you make your way into parts of the north bay valleys, visibility down to a quarter mile in santa rosa. by the afternoon we'll have lots of sunshine come our way. temperatures going to be hot in spots up in the 90s inland. cooling off though on tuesday and wednesday with more low cloud and fog before warming up again on thursday and friday. by the way, we have a giants
5:56 am
game out there. and if you head out to that tonight we are expecting mostly clear conditions about 62 degrees. yeah, a little cool especially in the latter part of the game. all right. let's check the roads with gianna. >> thank you, lawrence. it busy out there. let's jump to a hotspot westbound 4 through antioch brakes through there typical for a monday morning. through the altamont pass earlier accident westbound 580 at grant line cleared over to the shoulder. traffic still slow through there. towards the dublin interchange, though not too bad. much better too approaching the golden gate bridge. still some activity on the right side. we had a vehicle that hit a tree. all that's been cleared. not too bad though once you get across the span into san francisco. 880 off to a good start, extra volume working your way northbound towards the maze and a backup at the bay bridge but no metering lights mostly in the cash lanes. give yourself some extra time. that's traffic. back to you. >> thank you. in the next half hour, why
5:57 am
irene's path of destruction is not finished by a long shot. the final four pieces needed for the new bay bridge construction project arrive from china today and tonight caltrans will give people here in the city a view of the bridge that they have never seen before. the details on that and the construction timeline coming up. beware, bart riders, another protest is scheduled tonight in downtown san francisco. plus, a counterprotest and how all of this is also affecting those who use muni in a live report coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
5:58 am
5:59 am
your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. mean irene! does her damage on the east coast, coming up in a live report, why the danger is not over yet. and the maon


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